Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance often involves key documentation to be reviewed and analyzed to find certain data points and threshold markers.

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Regulatory documentation can be long and cumbersome and finding information can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes analysts and legal teams will pour hours trying to find discrete pieces of information that could be reviewed by an AI system rather quickly. In addition, missing critical information from regulatory documents can have significant consequences. Documentation includes materials such as accounting documentation, contracts, compliance manuals, legal doctrines, government documents, and more.



Leverton assists in setting up unique models for each of these regulatory frameworks that can then be used to find critical pieces of information. In addition, the information is auditable back to the source contract so you can be assured that the information is 100% correct. Finally, Leverton provides this data in an easy to consume format allowing for summary terms and conditions reports to be created to give an overview of the key findings.


Case Study

A US-based tower and wireless infrastructure company was looking for a fast solution to comply with regulatory changes by the end of 2019. Across all document types, the firm was looking to accelerate their day-to-day workflow process by automatically abstracting key data from their leases and creating a structured, centralized data repository that could be connected to their existing target system, MRI Software.  The existing internal lease admin team did not have resources to abstract a high volume of documents within the necessary time frame while ensuring accuracy and quality control.

Leverton deployed an automated end-to-end lease abstraction process of 5,000 revenue and 1,000 expense leases based on a customized US GAAP ASC 842 data model. With fast training and review process, high quality and accuracy of data were provided while ensuring a seamless data integration via API into the MRI lease admin solution. Leverton speeds up the data extraction process by 50-75% while providing a centralized repository of high-quality and structured data, which helped the company to meet the tight ASC 842 deadline as well as ongoing data management.


Why use Leverton AI?

Less time

Reduces need for long hours of manual review time

Accurate data

Provides full audit trail and highly accurate data

Red flags

Can assist in finding red flags or critical dates