Simplify Your US GAAP / IFRS 16 Transition.
Use Artificial Intelligence

  • Easily compile all leases
  • Automatically extract relevant data

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What needs to happen?

The new Lease Accounting Standards US GAAP ASC 842/ IFRS 16 will affect global corporations as $2.8 trillion worth of assets will need to be put on the balance sheet. This will require massive amounts of time, money and resources to be compliant.

What should you do?

Use our algorithms to quickly find the information you need. We leverage Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract and structure data from your lease files.

Let our technology save you time & cost.

How to simplify your transition


Collect all

Compile global leases in more than 20 languages in one platform.

Find information

Save up to 75% time & cost on lease review. Relevant information is extracted automatically.

Feed into your
accounting system

Ensure complete and up-to-date information in your ERP system. Prepare your balance sheet.

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