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Oct 11, 2018
Dylan Moats

LEVERTON Now an Official Certified MRI Software Product Partner

To Showcase its AI Platform at the MRI User Conference in Atlanta

NEW YORK (October 11, 2018) – LEVERTON, the AI-based document data extraction and contract analytics platform, today announced that the company is now a Certified Product Partner for MRI Software, a global leader in real estate software solutions. This partnership offers MRI clients the ability to work with a company at the vanguard of Real Estate Artificial Intelligence, transforming the way corporate document data is leveraged to boost business performance.

LEVERTON is one of the first companies to achieve certification under MRI’s new Partner Certification program, which designates an approved integration between LEVERTON’s AI technology and MRI’s property management and accounting solutions. This integration allows users to extract data automatically from corporate documents, such as real estate leases, and import the data directly into MRI. This not only increases data extraction efficiency and accuracy, but also gives users a powerful tool for data management and structured data analysis.

Ben Berk, Director of Partner Connect at MRI Software, said: “It’s great to have LEVERTON on board as a Certified Product Partner. We’re always looking for innovative solutions that our clients can easily integrate with their MRI instance to help improve their business outcomes. Leveraging AI and LEVERTON’s technology within the MRI ecosystem is a great way for our clients to achieve those results.”

“As an MRI Software Certified Product Partner, we’re thrilled to be able to offer MRI clients access to accurate real estate data quickly and easily, so they can make data-driven decisions with confidence and speed,” said LEVERTON’s CEO, Abhinav Somani.

LEVERTON will be at MRI Software’s 2018 International Users Conference (IUC) in Atlanta, GA from October 14-17, 2018. On Tuesday, October 16 at 2:30pm, the company will demonstrate how their technology is helping GBT Realty Corporation to automate lease abstraction and integrate datasets within MRI, making portfolio analysis and reporting easier. LEVERTON will also offer demos of its solution at Booth 330 during the conference.

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