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Sep 12, 2018
Dylan Moats

LEVERTON Forms Strategic Alliance with 8G Capital Partners, Makes Foray into NPL Market

LEVERTON and 8G Capital Partners will work together to reduce uncertainty and unlock latent value in NPL transactions

LONDON (September 12, 2018) – LEVERTON, the market-leading AI-powered document and data abstraction company, today announced its foray into the Non-Performing Loan (NPL) market. LEVERTON’s official partnership with 8G Capital Partners will support both buyers and sellers of NPL portfolios and help them to harness the power of artificial intelligence to save considerable time and cost in conducting due diligence and closing transactions as well as post-acquisition portfolio management.

NPL transactions are highly complex and involve myriads of documents, ranging from loan agreements to security documents and collateral documentation such as title deeds, planning permits, plans etc. However, many transactions are still being brought to the market without complete knowledge of what each portfolio entails.

The two companies will work together to mitigate the risks of NPL transaction failures owing to data inadequacies, by combining 8G Capital Partners’ proven expertise in asset management with LEVERTON’s proprietary platform’s capability to improve data capturing and structuring efficiencies.

On the back of increasing interest from several investors, financial institutions and loan servicers, the partnership will see LEVERTON and 8G Capital Partners target its joint solution offering to businesses in Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Turkey in its initial phase.

“When marketing a portfolio for sale, be it NPL or real estate, it’s all about disclosure. Equally, when managing such a portfolio, one needs to have complete and accurate information on their fingertips. There is tremendous value in a clean data tape,” said Tassos Kotzanastassis, Founder, 8G Capital Partners.

LEVERTON’s deep learning technology can be trained to automatically identify and extract relevant information from various types of documents and contracts including loan agreements and collateral documents in over 30 languages. Information that used to be hidden in thousands of pages is brought to surface in a structured format, enabling more efficient data aggregation and significantly better transparency of large data sets.

Speaking about the announcement, Richard Belgrave, Global Sales Director, LEVERTON said, “We have been testing the possibility of entering this market and are excited to be able to bring our technology to the loan market. It’s traditionally a complex market where bid-ask spreads can remain unnecessarily wide, owing to the unavailability of quality data. With our market-leading data extraction platform, we can help businesses overcome these market failures.”

About 8G Capital Partners
8G Capital Partners is a private equity real estate firm with activities in London, Nicosia and Hong Kong. Through 8Gi, its PropTech subsidiary, it is investing in technologies that disrupt the management of property and property-related portfolios.

LEVERTON provides deep insights from unstructured data found in corporate and legal documents. Trusted by over 100 leading companies to create value through structured data with its AI-powered, deep learning, data extraction platform, LEVERTON is located globally, with offices in New York, London, Berlin and New Delhi. Better Data. Smarter Decisions.

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