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Sep 18, 2017
Dylan Moats

LEVERTON Forms Advisory Board

Following the recent financing round of up to €10 million with DAH and Anyon, LEVERTON’s founder Dr. Emilio Matthaei decided to become a member of LEVERTON’s Advisory Board.

Emilio played a vital role in shaping and managing LEVERTON as the CEO. As a recognized thought leader in real estate, finance, technology and artificial intelligence, Emilio built LEVERTON’s global business network in the German, European and North American markets. Moreover, he grew the firm in solving problems, creating efficiencies and building innovative and scalable solutions. Emilio consistently demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the people and culture at LEVERTON through his active leadership in hiring outstanding and diverse talent as well as mentoring people across the firm.

Throughout the last year, Emilio built an international leadership team including recently appointed Chief Revenue Officer, Abhinav Somani, Chief Operating Officer Dan Wucherpfennig, and Head of Europe, Richard Belgrave. The new appointments address the strategic steps to scale LEVERTON’s solution into the North American market and to deliver operational excellence with existing as well as growing European and APAC client bases. The new leadership team is now made of Abhinav Somani (CRO), Dan Wucherpfennig (COO) and Florian Kuhlmann (CTO).

As a significant shareholder, Emilio will become the founders’ representative on the Advisory Board to keep supporting the new management team on scaling the global firm together with DAH and Anyon. “The past years have been extremely exciting.”, Emilio Matthaei commented. “We have managed to grow the business into an internationally recognized leader in applied artificial intelligence for data and document management. The new management team is ideally equipped to further build the international cloud platform and to deliver a convincing product that disrupts data extraction and document management.”

We thank our founder Emilio and express our deep gratitude for his leadership to setup LEVERTON’s global platform as well as to turn the business into the fast-growing international firm it is today. Additionally, the team looks forward to further scale the business with Emilio’s continued strategic vision and support.

LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning technologies to extract, structure and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages. Our platform empowers corporations and investment firms to be more efficient and effective with their data & document management. It facilitates quick and data-driven decision-making by creating actionable, valuable insights out of unstructured data. More than 100 global industry leaders trust LEVERTON to build their CORE of structured data. The intelligent platform runs on LEVERTON servers in ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centers which guarantee highest security.

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