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Apr 26, 2017
Dylan Moats

LEVERTON and STRABAG sign framework agreement

LEVERTON is proud to announce the signing of a framework agreement with STRABAG Property and Facility Services (STRABAG PFS).

After the successful completion of multiple projects in the last two years, the two companies have now decided to strengthen their partnership with a long-term contract. LEVERTON’s software will be implemented as a standard data and document processing solution for all business lines of STRABAG PFS, covering more than 35,000 documents annually.

Applying the LEVERTON Platform will also increase efficiency for one of STRABAG PFS’ largest clients. The technology enables an end-to-end solution for document management and processing, with STRABAG PFS’ team taking over full control of the whole process. All newly accruing documentation will be processed through the LEVERTON Platform, enabling complete, more accurate and up-to-date document data. 

About STRABAG Property and Facility Services
STRABAG Property and Facility Services (STRABAG PFS) is a leading real estate and industrial service provider with a high level of vertical integration along the value chain for technical and commercial management of complete locations and entire portfolios of industrial and real estate companies. With 29 in-house letting managers at 15 branches and a partner network covering an additional 50 locations, STRABAG PFS has a high level of expertise and market knowledge as a tenant rep in almost all medium-sized cities and regions in Germany. 600 real estate agents and contract managers and around 100 use and marketing specialists manage some 58,000 properties for industrial companies throughout Germany with almost 120,000 leases. The division manages properties worth almost EUR 20 billion for institutional investors.

LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning technologies to extract, structure and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages. Our platform empowers corporations and investors to be more efficient and effective with their data & document management. It facilitates quick and data-driven decision-making by creating actionable, valuable insights out of unstructured data. More than 100 global industry leaders trust LEVERTON to build their CORE. The intelligent platform runs on LEVERTON servers in ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centers that guarantee highest security.

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