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May 31, 2017
Dylan Moats

LEVERTON and RealFoundations enter Strategic Partnership

As a global leader in the real estate consulting and managed services space, RealFoundations has consistently brought innovation and deep expertise to the real estate market. Recently, the firm has strengthened its core delivery platform by partnering with LEVERTON to provide enhanced lease abstraction services to clients, powered by LEVERTON’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.

LEVERTON is the global leader of AI-powered data extraction software, using optical character recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning technology to automatically identify and abstract crucial information from legal documents such as real estate leases, amendments, certificates of insurance and other corporate forms.

“RealFoundations is committed to leveraging advanced technology to deliver the highest value to our clients through our services. LEVERTON’s platform provides us this advantage”, says David Srour, Managing Director with RealFoundations. “Its AI data extraction platform streamlines our lease abstraction process to deliver our high quality of services with greater efficiency and consistency both with less applied effort.”

While providing managed services to some of the world’s largest real estate firms, RealFoundations is now equipped to generate abundant time savings and cost advantages for organizations by utilizing LEVERTON’s AI technology to expedite the lease abstraction process.

“We’re proud to contribute to the evolution of such a well-respected organization like RealFoundations”, states LEVERTON Managing Director, Abhinav (Abe) Somani. “Our AI technology will bring significant value to the document management and lease abstraction process. Together with RealFoundations, we can continue to innovate and disrupt the real estate sector and shape the future of document management.”

About RealFoundations
RealFoundations is a professional services firm focused on helping companies that develop, own, operate, service, occupy or invest in real estate make smarter, more profitable decisions. From the building itself to the way it’s developed, operated and capitalized, no firm understands the inner workings of the entire real estate ecosystem as well as RealFoundations. We make real estate run better. Follow us on Twitter at @RealFoundations. For more information, please visit www.realfoundations.net.

LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep and machine learning technologies to extract, structure and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages. The platform empowers corporations and investment firms to be more efficient and effective with their data & document management. The platform facilitates quick, data-driven decision-making by creating actionable, valuable insights out of unstructured data. Hundreds of global industry leaders trust LEVERTON to build their CORE of structured data.

Start building your CORE today. Contact us at www.leverton.ai to request a free demo.

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