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Jul 12, 2016
Dylan Moats

LEVERTON accelerates Investa’s purchase of ‘Allee-Center’ in Leipzig

LEVERTON’s intelligent information extraction and management platform for real estate documents was leveraged to enhance Investa Capital Management’s (Investa) due diligence for the purchase of Allee-Center Leipzig.

Using LEVERTON’s technology cash-flow relevant data has been automatically extracted from the lease files within the portfolio, thus, supporting Investa’s legal advisor, Clifford Chance, in performing a faster and more comprehensive due diligence. The rent roll generated by LEVERTON’s platform was then compared to the rent roll provided by the vendor. This enabled Investa to clearly identify inconsistencies within the lease documentation.

About  Investa
Investa Immobiliengruppe is an independent professional service provider developing real estate in Germany. The extraordinary success of its projects and its broad experience in the development, marketing and implementation of high-quality office buildings and residential properties have established Investa Immobiliengruppe as one of the top project developers in Germany. Since its foundation in 1972 Investa Immobiliengruppe has developed new properties and managed real estate portfolios with a total investment volume of more than 4 bn. Euro. With its internationally experienced management team Investa Capital Management as fund initiator combines local real estate competence with capital market expertise. Together with its strategic institutional investors, Investa Capital Management develops and structures new investment instruments and offers integrated management solutions for the properties it holds.

LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning / machine learning technology to extract and manage data from corporate documents in more than 20 languages. Our clients from the financial and real estate sectors optimize their contract management significantly, manage operational teams more efficiently and process transactions faster. Asset documentation with an underlying face value of more than €40 billion is managed with LEVERTON’s smart data technology. The integrated smart data platform runs on LEVERTON servers in ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centers that guarantee highest security.LEVERTON brings innovative technology to various industries – we are LegalTech, PropTech, FinTech!

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