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News Oct 21, 2019

Leverton Debuts New Brand

We’re excited to announce our new branding and refreshed website, bringing a more modern look and feel to our identity as we expand into new customer verticals and geographic markets. With the advent of our acquisition by MRI Software, LLC, the global leader in real estate software, we are turning our engines on hyperdrive and taking Leverton to the stratosphere!

The brand refresh comes amid an increasing number of organizations that are looking to leverage the power of AI to drive efficiencies and competitive advantage. Organizations using our comprehensive technology to extract, structure and analyze data from documents including real estate leases, loan agreements, NDAs, invoices, insurance policies have reported spending 50 to 75 percent less time extracting information from their documents. This frees staff to concentrate on more high-value tasks that impact their bottom lines.

We’ve always been committed to enabling companies to leverage AI to maximize their resources while gaining the ability to make smarter business decisions using their data. Since launch, we’ve honed our capabilities by first focusing on one of the most difficult use cases, real estate, and we’re confident that experience will position us to help more industries benefit from digital transformation.

Better Data. Smarter Decisions.

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