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Product Apr 16, 2019

LEVERTON Puts the Power of AI-based Data Extraction in Any Organization’s Hands with the Launch of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (“AIaaS”)

LEVERTON, the premier provider of proprietary AI-powered technology for data extraction and contract analytics, announced today, the launch of LEVERTON’s Artificial Intelligence as a Service (“AIaaS”). The new solution enables any organization to automate the extraction of structured data from corporate and legal documents, saving countless man hours while revealing opportunities that would be impossible to find using manual processes.

Built using LEVERTON’s patented deep learning algorithms, the AIaaS solution enables businesses with complex, voluminous documents and contracts, to benefit from automation – by training their own AI models. Where most deep learning algorithms require thousands to millions of manually-created annotations to be established before the system can extract the necessary information, LEVERTON AIaaS takes as little as 250 annotations to achieve high performance.

In beta testing since 2018, LEVERTON AIaaS has been proven effective at extracting data from an array of document types including insurance contracts, invoices, procurement documents, credit card bills, shipping manifests, credit agreements, loan documents, case laws, and more. A true deep learning-based solution, the algorithms continue to get faster and smarter with each new implementation and use case.

“When we started building LEVERTON in 2012, deep learning was a completely new concept. Even companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook were just starting to explore its power,” stated Florian Kuhlmann, LEVERTON’s founder and CTO. “It took us years to perfect our technology, and once we did, we wanted to help every business use it to unleash the power of their data – even without a team of data scientists.”

“While everyone is aware of the benefits of AI, the underlying technologies like deep neural networks and natural language processing are so complex that few organizations have the time, talent, and financial resources to implement it. That’s what LEVERTON is changing,” said Abhinav “Abe” Somani, LEVERTON’s Global CEO. “We want people to stop spending hours manually scrubbing scanned PDFs, and instead, leverage automation so they can spend that time finding insights from that data.”

LEVERTON AIaaS will be offered as a SaaS solution for organizations who wish to create extraction templates and annotations themselves for new document types that are not currently available in the LEVERTON library. LEVERTON also offers an Assisted solution that will enable users to define their extraction needs and leverage LEVERTON’s third-party network to provide the annotation services.


LEVERTON’s AI-powered data extraction and contract analytics platform helps businesses around the world uncover actionable insights in their contracts and documents. Trusted by 200 of the Fortune 1000, the company’s secure platform includes pre-trained, proprietary OCR and machine learning algorithms that accelerate data discovery and extraction, speeding time to ROI. With support for 25 languages and offices in Berlin, London, New York, and New Delhi, LEVERTON is equipped to meet the needs of the largest global real estate, accounting, consulting and financial organizations. For more information, visit www.leverton.ai.


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