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Events Jun 01, 2018

LEVERTON Participates in JLL Cup 2018, hosted in Support of the Jonah Foundation

LEVERTON team took part in the JLL Cup charity football tournament last week, in support of the Jonah Foundation.

The JLL Cup brings together numerous teams each year from companies in a variety of sectors including real estate and finance, to compete with colleagues, counterparts and competitors on the pitch. JLL, a LEVERTON customer, is a Global professional services and investment management firm and has hosted the tournament since 2009.

The LEVERTON team, ‘Alle teams zur Turnierleitung bitte (All teams to the tournament management please),’ finished second in their group with one win, one draw and a loss, before losing to Angermann & Friends in the Round of 16.

Besides the joy and fun of sport, promotion of team spirit, collegiality and fairness, the JLL Cup is primarily about getting together and kicking together for a good cause.

Having already raised upwards of a €100,000 in donations, all the proceeds from the charity tournament, including entrée fees, are donated to charitable organizations.

The Jonah Foundation, based in Berlin, strives to improve the living conditions and future prospects of children and young people from socially disadvantaged families in a sustainable way.

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