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News May 31, 2018

LEVERTON Meets Angela Merkel for Artificial Intelligence Discussion

On 29 May, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel invited LEVERTON along with several experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence for a closed-door meeting on the potential opportunities and challenges of AI for Germany.

“Artificial intelligence is one of the central technologies of the future and currently one of the biggest drivers of digitization. It is a branch of computer science, which is about designing technical systems so that they can work on problems independently and adapt to changing conditions,” states Steffen Seibert, the Federal Government spokesperson, in a press release issued by the Press and Information Office.

Our COO, Dan Wucherpfennig, was part of the esteemed panel of representatives that included experts from universities, research institutions and companies attending the event, in addition to the Federal Chancellor, the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Minister for Education and Research, the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and the Federal Government Commissioner for Digitization.

“We are happy to see the Federal Government taking this technology very seriously. It is clear that AI has immense potential to benefit how work gets done within companies, NGOs and government teams, and to bolster the nation’s position as an innovator. The fact that the discussion was set up is a big first step in the right direction for Germany and Europe,” said Dan Wucherpfennig on LEVERTON’s invitation to attend amongst other top experts in AI.

The press release goes on to state that the Federal Government intends to bundle all measures in this area and to merge them into a national strategy in order to promote the use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of the economy and society.

Photo credits: @RegSprecher (via Twitter)

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