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Events Apr 17, 2018

Colleen Minde of AI Data Extraction Company LEVERTON Speaking at the Real Property Law Retreat

Colleen Minde, VP of Sales of LEVERTON, the market leading intelligent information extraction and document management platform for its lease abstraction services, is scheduled to speak on a panel at this year’s Real Property Law Retreat hosted by the California Lawyers Association from Thursday, 19 April until Sunday, 22 April, 2018.                                                                                      
Colleen will speak on the panel titled, ‘Keeping Up With The (Techie) Joneses’ on Friday, 20 April, and will be joined by Nav Athwal, Founder of Realty Shares, Mark Leverette, Partner at BPM LLP, Miriam Montesinos, Of Counsel at Pelosi Law Group and Michael Sroka, Co-founder & CEO of DealPath.

The panel discussion will center on the future of CRE and how technology is set to impact the way in which deals get done and property is managed in the future. She will further talk about the efficacy of data extraction software to expedite lease management and the surfacing of insights from unstructured data for better decision making.

“I’m excited to share what I’ve learned from being both a Commercial Real Estate broker and a leader at LEVERTON for two years, about utilizing AI technologies to turn unstructured documents into insightful, actionable data and its potential to change the way we sell, manage and transact real estate, “ said Ms. Minde about participating in this year’s Property Retreat.

The Real Property Law Retreat is hosted by the California Lawyers Association, an organization dedicated to the professional advancement of attorneys practicing in the state of California.

The LEVERTON team is excited to meet you all at Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, San Francisco

For a private demo of the LEVERTON platform and/or to see applications in action, please reach us at us-sales@leverton.ai or follow the Request a Demo link.

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