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Events Apr 13, 2018

Abhinav Somani to speak at NYC Real Estate Expo Panel

Abhinav Somani, CEO of LEVERTON, the market leading intelligent information extraction and document management platform for its lease abstraction services, is set to speak on a panel at the 10th Annual NYC Real Estate Expo taking place in New York at New York Hilton Midtown on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

Abhinav will be speaking at a panel titled, ‘Why Blockchain & AI for Commercial Real Estate?’ where he will discuss the relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) for the real estate industry, in a world that is quickly moving digital. He will further outline the practical uses of AI to turn unstructured documents into insightful, structured data, helping businesses make smarter decisions.

Abhinav will be joining as part of The National Association of REALTOR’s panel that will feature prominent industry leaders including Stephen King, Founder & CEO of REX, Howard M. Rubin, Senior Partner of Geotz Fitzpatrick LLP, Ben Polen, Founder & CEO of Polestar, Perrin A. Quarshie, Founder & CEO of RealBlocks and Kevin Shtofman, Technology Strategist at Deloitte. The panel will be chaired by Dave Conroy, R&D Engineer at Center for REALTOR® Technology & CRT Labs, NAR.

The Expo is organised by The NYC Network Group who specialize in building valuable business connections for real estate and tech industry professionals.

The LEVERTON team is excited to meet you all and can be found at booth 225 at New York Hilton Midtown.

Make sure to stop by and say hello!

For a private demo of the LEVERTON platform and/or to see applications in action, please reach us at us-sales@leverton.ai or follow the Request a Demo link.

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