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Blog Dec 20, 2017

Perspectives: 2017 “AI” Year In Review

2017 has truly been a transformative year for the entire world, especially our LEVERTONian users, partners, and customers all over the world. We have had the distinct opportunity to work with some of the best-in-class corporations, real estate institutions, service providers, law firms, and consultants who have shaped the way our product continues to evolve. Whether it’s harnessing the power of the block chain, interconnecting the physical and digital world through IoT, or accelerating business processes through the use of artificial intelligence -> all of these ultimately have to do with big data and analytics. Data is the currency of the future and it is the building blocks upon which all future management decisions will be made.

At LEVERTON, we are proud to be the curators of structured data out of your unstructured corporate and legal documentation. Beneath your ERP and DMS systems, there are treasure troves of amazing and fascinating data that can help your organization to become better and provide better value to your investors and customers.

At LEVERTON, we also understand that organizations have a responsibility to not only improve their products and customer experiences, but also the world around them. This year, in lieu of traditional holiday gifts to our customers and partners, LEVERTONians across the world have made donations to the Save The Children Foundation, a global charity that aims to give every child a healthy start in life.

2017 was the year for AI to really begin its commercial adoption – if you have thought about implementing AI, but have put it on the back burner – now is the time to begin your journey. Join us as we begin this journey into the depths of neural networks and the vast array of analytics into structured data!

Below are some of the highlights of the year. We want to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

Warmest wishes,

Abe Somani, CEO & The Global LEVERTONian Team.

Award hat-trick!

2017 has been remarkable for LEVERTON. We made history as one of the first modern technology organizations to win three of the most prestigious innovators and technology awards in Real Estate in the same calendar year.

In June, we were awarded the Realcomm Digie Award for “Best Tech Innovation – Commercial & Corporate Real Estate“. Realcomm has been presenting the Digie Awards since 1999 to recognize those outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies as well as people who have gone ‘above and beyond’ to positively impact the industry through the intelligent application of technology, automation and innovation.

In October 2017, we were named the winner of Global Top Innovator in Proptech Award at MIPIM, the world’s largest and leading property market. Only a month later we won the CoreNet Global Innovator’s Award. Since 2000, the award has honored the “game changers” in CRE — those individuals and companies whose work, ideas and best practices elevate the practice of corporate real estate.

“Having now won the innovators and technology of the year awards at Realcomm, MIPIM, and CoreNet in one year (it’s a hattrick!), we can proudly say that global investors, institutions, service providers, and corporations are recognizing the need and are ready to adopt the next generation of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data analytics.” said Abe Somani, CEO of LEVERTON.

We are very proud of these achievements and hope to continue to be a leading innovator. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible!


2017 global partnerships

The past year was also the year in which we exponentially expanded our global partnerships ecosystem. We joined forces with several important technology and service partners to enable more effective implementation and services around LEVERTON’s machine learning technology globally and present clients a one stop, highly beneficial expert and accelerated solution.

We are looking forward to each and every one of the collaborations that we set in motion and are hoping for more to come in 2018.

New use case: The IFRS 16/US GAAP ASC 842

In order to foster the intersection of innovative AI and lease accounting, in 2017 we expanded our services to a include new business use case, the IFRS 16 and US GAAP ASC 842 lease accounting standard, to help clients to manage their entire lease portfolio, regardless of the asset type, in a customized and lean way with the support of machine learning.

“Great technologies will be a key component to be able to make the transition into the new accounting standards”, Richard Belgrave, Head of Europe at LEVERTON.

Watch how LEVERTON’s AI can simplify your IFRS 16/US GAAP ASC 842 lease accounting transition:

IFRS 16 Roadshow – LEVERTON, EY and SAP

Throughout the months of March and April 2017 we went on a roadshow along with EY and SAP throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to demonstrate, in a series of expert sessions, how machine learning can simplify the transition into the new IFRS 16 accounting standards.

Download a free IFRS 16 White paper

Product releases 2017

LEVERTON Integrator

The LEVERTON Integrator allows to connect your structured LEVERTON data with your potential target system such as SAP, AMANA, PLANON and others through three newly introduced Apps: Connect, Match and Sync. This enables you to utilize our end-to-end solution across the whole workflow; from unstructured documents to structured, insightful data in your preferred system.


Admin App

Built on the concept of a self-service tool, LEVERTON’s new Admin App enables our users to gain full control over the user account administration within the LEVERTON Platform. You can handle all processes related to account management at one place now – the Admin App – which shifts full authority to individual users in your own organization.


Main features:

  • Account overview
  • Account creation
  • Group creation
  • User reports


LEVERTON signs funding round with DAH and Anyon

In July 2017 we have secured a funding round of up to € 10 million (c. US$ 11 million) with DAH Beteiligungs GmbH (“DAH“) and Anyon Holding GmbH (“Anyon”), that backs entrepreneurs in shaping innovative property technology and real estate concepts.

The new funding will further accelerate LEVERTON’s international growth, help strengthen its strong market position and foster the development of its innovative deep learning technology.

Read more

Live LEVERTON AI showcase for 30,000 people at SAPPHIRE NOW

In May, SAP hosted its yearly flagship event, SAPPHIRE NOW 2017. Being the biggest SAPPHIRE event to date, more than 30,000 people gathered in Orlando, US to see what the software giant has in store for the upcoming year.

One of the main highlights during Bill McDermott’s opening keynote was the introduction of SAP Leonardo, SAP’s digital innovation system, integrating breakthrough technologies such as Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain and IoT to accelerate businesses digital transformation.

During the introduction of SAP Leonardo, Artificial Intelligence (AI) truly took the main stage at SAPPHIRE. As a prime example of the interconnectivity of these innovative technologies, CIO Jürgen Müller showcased SAP Cloud for Real Estate, including LEVERTON’s innovative Deep Learning technology, which enables SAP customers to simplify their data and document management.

It was a great moment for us to see our AI platform being presented to the audience at the main biggest SAP event of the year.

Watch a short video of the presentation below:

The LEVERTON Podcast Series is here

LEVERTON releases its very own Podcast series! Tune in every month to hear about Real Estate, Technology, AI and more. You never know what you’ll learn from our industry’s top innovators and thought leaders!

We hope to keep bringing you some interesting conversation and insights from these experts!

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