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Events May 30, 2017

SAPPHIRE NOW – LEVERTON AI takes main stage in keynote

Two weeks ago SAP’s yearly flagship event, SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 took place. Being the biggest SAPPHIRE to date, more than 30,000 people gathered in Orlando, US to see what the software giant has in store for the upcoming year.

One of the main highlights during Bill McDermott’s opening keynote was the introduction of SAP Leonardo, SAP’s digital innovation system, integrating breakthrough technologies such as Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain and IoT to accelerate businesses digital transformation.

During the introduction of SAP Leonardo, Artificial Intelligence (AI) truly took the main stage at SAPPHIRE. As a prime example of the interconnectivity of these innovative technologies, CIO Jürgen Müller showcased SAP Cloud for Real Estate, including LEVERTON’s innovative Deep Learning technology, which enables SAP customers to simplify their data and document management.

Watch a short video of the presentation below:


It was a great moment, seeing our artificial intelligence platform being presented during the major keynote at the main SAP event of the year.

LEVERTON Founder, Emilio Matthaei commented:

The LEVERTON team is very proud of the work we do with our partners such as SAP. Connecting our Deep / Machine Learning technology can have a true impact on streamlining clients’ processes all over the world.

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