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Blog Mar 17, 2017

Artificial Intelligence starts the data engine

Guest post by Alexander Prokot, Head of Management Services at JLL.

JLL is one of LEVERTON’s Premium Partners

We are entering the finish line: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been constantly fighting forward – from science fiction books into science labs; on to smart engineers and now into our daily work life. As a result, this has also evoked new aspirations. AI needs to be more than just a nice-to-have gimmick supporting people. It has to deliver a significant value add, revolutionizing what used to be analogue work processes. Among the frontrunners in this field is the Berlin based company LEVERTON.

Why is this important for us? Because JLL just became LEVERTON’s first “Premium Partner” and because we will collaboratively drive Artificial Intelligence in the real estate industry.

Documents and technology create added value

The collaboration brings together two important elements that stimulate each other: LEVERTON has developed a powerful engine, our data is the fuel that keeps the machine running. And the vehicles are the mandates of our clients. With LEVERTON, we are able to not only manage the data within our documents faster – all with respect to data protection and privacy of course – but also to refine the data. “LEVERTON powered by JLL” recognizes, categorizes, and analyzes documents to present the most relevant information. So far, there was a document and a separate analysis. If in doubt, this analysis had to be repeatedly done from scratch. Now, the technology can do the document analysis automatically. Consequently, less work steps are needed and duplicate file management is prevented – the engine starts. This results in more time, higher quality and more KPIs that support consultants with their mandate, and add true value to clients’ strategy.

The technology learns and improves with each operation

With every document that is being processed by the system, it becomes smarter and more precise. This is where Deep Learning comes into effect. Analyzing documents is both, work and training for the technology. That’s why the volume and the quality of JLL’s data is the best fuel to get the most out of the engine.

To be clear, LEVERTON is not a startup but an established partner in the top league of international corporations such as Blackstone, Clifford Chance, or SAP.

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