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Events Feb 06, 2017

IFRS 16 Roadshow – LEVERTON, EY and SAP

In Q1 this year, LEVERTON will be on a roadshow throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to demonstrate how machine learning can simplify the transition into the new IFRS 16 accounting standards. In joint cooperation with EY and SAP, LEVERTON will be present at a series of events between end of March and the beginning of April.

The events will comprise of an expert session on the topic of IFRS 16 and will elaborate on what the changes mean, what the implications are, and what needs to be done. LEVERTON and SAP will then showcase how machine learning technology supports a faster and less costly transition.

Are you affected by the new lease accounting standards? Join us for one of the events to find out how to simplify your transition.

Spend less time, incur less cost and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence!

Munich: 22nd March
Hamburg: 22nd March
Berlin: 28th March
Eschborn: 29th March
Mannheim: 30th March
Hannover: 30th March
Dortmund: 31st March

Vienna: 7th April

Zurich: 21st March

Register here for any of the events.

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