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Blog Dec 29, 2016

LEVERTON’s 2016 Year in Review

The year 2016 is coming to an end and it has been a truly exciting one for LEVERTON. In addition to gaining many new customers, we strengthened important partnerships, re-launched our platform and laid groundwork for international growth.

In this post we want to shortly recapitulate some of the main things that have happened throughout the year.


One of the big highlights of our year surely was the re-launch of the LEVERTON platform in September this year. Months of hard work went into a completely new, faster and more user-friendly interface of our platform. We encourage clients to not only focus on the accelerated extraction of key data from documents to speed up due diligence, but also to think about long-term efficiency increases that can result from structured, accurate data. Providing capabilities to convert unstructured data into actionable, insightful data by building a “CORE” of structured information within the platform helps our clients to achieve those efficiency increases with their data and document management.

Office openings in London and New York

We are proud that LEVERTON went truly global by physically expanding internationally. In May, the London office was established, followed by the New York office in July. The London and New York offices are expanding quickly, as is our presence in those markets with key partners and customers. We look forward to keep growing in all jurisdictions and to help many new clients to enhance their data and document management in 2017.

Global agreement with JLL

In November 2016, LEVERTON signed a global partnership with long term client Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). As a part of the agreement, the LEVERTON platform will be rolled out to JLL’s clients in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The partnership will make a real difference in clients’ experience of the entire lease administration life-cycle. They will benefit from optimized data management, more efficient processing of documents and reduced operational risks.

JLL’s Global President of Integrated Portfolio Services, Vincent Lottefier commented:
“This is a really exciting development for us and for our clients. Technology is transforming the world of real estate and we recognized early on how working with LEVERTON would make it possible for us stay ahead of the curve.”>We are happy to strengthen our relations even further and look forward to keep transforming lease administration in the coming years.

New partnership with SAP

To enable the next generation of ERP-data and to tackle the challenges of the new IFRS 16/US-GAAP leasing standards, LEVERTON and SAP decided to partner up. The joint solution ensures that customers’ ERP data is modernized and accurate through a direct connection between LEVERTON and SAP via an API.

LEVERTON and SAP have organized events, webinars and attended conferences together to educate SAP clients about the benefits of the joint solution. The partnership was officially announced in September and will help many corporations to manage their lease accounting transition throughout the next years and beyond.

Award-winning deep learning technology

During the past year, LEVERTON have garnered prestigious awards.

In October 2016, LEVERTON was awarded an international recognition by receiving the Global Innovators Finalist Award by CoreNet Global during the CoreNet Global Summit in Philadelphia.

We are very proud of these achievements and glad that the unique capabilities of our technology are being recognized by key institutions in the industry. This only makes us work harder to deliver better software and to achieve even better results for our clients.

At LEVERTON, we have had a tremendous 2016. In 2017, we will continue to stretch ourselves and grow our markets and customer relations across the world. We look forward to working with our clients on LEVERTON’s deep learning platform and to launch exciting features and software that shape the work of the future.

See you in 2017!


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