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Blog Nov 28, 2016

LegalTech on the Rise: technology changes legal work behaviors, but does not replace its profession

For some time, Micha Bues and Emilio Matthaei have been discussing the understanding of LegalTech, its foundation and its impact on the legal profession. The contribution in the book “Liquid Legal” aims to provide an overview of the global LegalTech development in an integrative manner.

First, the authors elaborate on a definition of LegalTech and its history in recent centuries. Thereafter, Bues and Matthaei introduce the key technological foundations of LegalTech including artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. They also highlight the use of LegalTech in practice, ranging from e-discovery to automated legal reasoning.

The understanding from the technological foundation and practical applicability of LegalTech postulates that LegalTech changes, but does not replace, the way lawyers work – and it leads to a disruptive change of the profession. 

Access the full text here.

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