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Blog Nov 12, 2015

Deep Learning to disrupt Global Industries

Why are corporations increasingly using deep learning technologies to handle big data? Being a subset of artificial intelligence, deep learning technologies are key to structuring large amounts of data more efficiently.

Deep learning technology, lying at the crossroads of machine learning and artificial intelligence, is based on the idea of programming algorithms to imitate functions of neurons in the human brain. Recently, these technologies are increasingly attracting the public attention, with some players like Google and IBM researching the field, in particular with a focus on pictures.

Market for Deep Learning to grow >$100 billion

Even though still in the early stages of its evolution, the prognosis for deep learning technologies is that the relevant market is expected to grow dramatically. The technology’s potential is far from having reached its full potential – and, it is bound to disrupt global industries within the next decade. A recently published research report estimates that, by 2024, the total market for deep learning software, services and hardware will exceed $100 billion in annual revenue. The software for enterprise applications of deep learning alone is expected to rise from $109 million in 2015 to $10.4 billion in annual revenue in 2024.

Disruptive Solution for OCR and Text Analytics

What makes deep learning disruptive is its capability to automatically adapt to new and unstructured data. LEVERTON is a pioneer in the research field regarding text analytics. For the past three years, the company’s research team developed disruptive deep learning technologies for its own OCR and information extraction that clearly exceeds the performance of traditional applications. With its proprietary technology, LEVERTON manages data from large corporate documents in more than 20 languages and, by doing so, dramatically enhances the management and processing of documents in the real estate and finance industry.

Multiple Use Cases in the Real Estate / Finance Industry

Global clients such as Bilfinger, Clifford Chance, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JLL and Strabag trust LEVERTON’s deep learning solution to manage their documents more efficiently and with the highest level of transparency possible. More than $20 billion in property value have already been managed through LEVERTON’s software.

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