Artificial Intelligence for Law Firms

How to dramatically speed up the due diligence process

Artificial Intelligence for law firms is certainly revolutionising the industry by making day to day tasks far more cost effective. Due diligence transactions involving M&A, equity, debt, and other types of financing, acquisitions, and disposals can have gruelling documentation needs. Typically, data rooms are filled with hundreds or thousands of documents, many of which have hidden information trapped deep inside. With legal AI software like Leverton, you can choose to extract data out the most important documents to facilitate a faster time to close.

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Due diligence transactions typically have a 30 to 90 day transaction timeline to close. The longer you wait to close, the more uncertainty and risk your organization takes on either as a buyer, seller, or financier.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and software solutions to weed through the deep detail can help you to move faster and stay more organized. More importantly, due diligence transactions are often confirmatory in nature and the use of Leverton legal AI can help to find blind spots quickly and efficiently. Don’t spend another long night reading through due diligence documentation when Leverton can do it for you!


Legal AI is gaining in prominence and the use of Leverton to extract data out of the most complicated due diligence documents such as real estate leases, loan and credit agreements, purchase agreements, appraisals, rent rolls, and other documents can greatly speed up the transaction process.

Leverton can find hundreds of unique data points out of these documents ranging from covenants to amounts to critical dates and terms and conditions. In addition, Leverton can integrate with leading data room and document storage providers such as Intralinks, Merill, BMC,, and Dropbox.


Case Study

Leverton assisted one of the largest US retailers with their bankruptcy process to unload select real estate assets in order to meet a very tight due diligence timeline. A call was placed to Leverton on Thanksgiving Thursday night, and by the end of the weekend over 250 complex scanned real estate leases (with multiple amendments) were fully abstracted with high quality data to be utilized for the Debtor-In-Possession financing process.

Without this data in such a timely manner, the Company could have risked liquidation if it could not meet the stringent DIP financing requirements. Leverton went on to assist the company post-bankruptcy to assess more documents relating to its real estate assets and helped the Company to drive value in a short amount of time.


Why use Leverton AI?

Cuts admin time

Shortens due diligence processes by up to 50% - you'll get a quick ROI

Avoids manual errors

Provides full audit trail and highly accurate data

Offers integrations

Integrates with leading dataroom and DMS systems to support quick and efficient analysis