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Leverton is a patented, award-winning AI-powered data extraction and contract analytics platform for corporate and legal documents.

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Why Leverton?


Leverton’s automated abstraction process eliminates error-prone, manual data entry while also helping to identify and eliminate data discrepancies.


Leverton speeds up mundane data extraction processes by 50% to 75%, enabling employees to spend more time doing more strategic, higher-value tasks.

Cost savings

Leverton reduces manual abstraction costs by up to 50% and identifies opportunities for cost savings and increased revenue that go unnoticed.


Success stories

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Cost Reduction

A Case Study In Lowering Costs and Driving Value

Priam Properties is a mid-sized real estate private equity firm focused on office properties throughout the Southeast of the United States. They wanted to grow quickly, but maintain flexibility through a lean staff and operation.

In 2016, Priam implemented Leverton in order to reduce the overhead and time spent on reviewing leases during due diligence and ongoing property management/lease administration. Leverton was chosen due to the highly accurate set of data that was produced and the ease of which the data could be audited.

The solution included lease abstraction of 800 data points covering critical dates, dollars renewals, terminations, ROFO/ROFOs, audits, subleases, CAM, TI, and many more advanced topics. Lease review time was reduced from over 8 hours to 1-2 hours with 24-48 hours turnaround times achieved. The portfolio grew from 100 leases to 400 in 18 months, with Leverton supporting each transaction.

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Customer Chatter

Leverton accelerated the process of turning unstructured data into insightful data that we could further utilize for Knowledge Cubed, our data visualization and analytics platform. For Savills, utilizing Leverton has led to efficiencies and more accurate data that our clients can depend upon through our brand and values. Leverton’s collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit allowed us to innovate alongside with them.

Patrick McGrath

CIO, Savills

We chose Leverton due to highly accurate set of data that was produced and the ease of which the data could be audited, which was essential for our growth as a fund. Through the use of Leverton, we estimate we were able to save over 50% on our lease abstraction costs and reduce due diligence time by at least 7 to 10 business days.

Abhishek Mathur

CEO & Founder, Priam Capital

Our partnership with Leverton will increase customer experience and drive efficiency of our lease management platforms. AI is essential to our plan as a Company to drive value for our customers.

Christian Ulbrich

Global CEO, JLL

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